for solo piano


3 minutes

Commissioned by/Premiere

Premiered by Adam Tendler on April 23, 2022 as a part of his Inheritances project and presented by Liquid Music in Minneapolis, MN.

This work is held in exclusivity until late October, 2023.


As in a dream, there is no release until we wake up, and not because the dream has ended.”

— Morton Feldman, note to The Viola in My Life

Living for the past month in a hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I kept happening upon signs for an ‘area of refuge’—which is a legally mandated location where people can gather in times of emergency. Repeatedly seeing these signs transported me back to a small corner waiting area in the hospital where I recently spent the days waiting upon my father during the last days of his life. The space seemed to symbolize a kind of limbo, a place of waiting, pain, but also refuge. The emotions in my piece reflect this state—suspended, emotionally unclear, and without resolution.