for SSSSMMAA choir, amplified with electronics + visual projections


35 minutes

Commissioned by/Premiere

This work is commissioned by Lorelei ensemble directed by Beth Willer with visuals by Hannah Wasileski. The premiere will occur in the 2022-2023 concert season.

The first movement “Sea Like a Mirror” received it’s virtual premiere on November 16th, 2020 (video below).



Inspired by a poetic table of wind measurements from the 19th century, Beaufort Scales traces a trajectory from placidity (“Sea like a mirror / Smoke rises vertically”) to calamity. The original scale—12 steps, two hundred words—is the scaffolding for an exploration of changing weather phenomenon in our modern era. Cerrone treats Beaufort’s original text as a moiré—he interweaves texts from authors throughout history—Melville, Teju Cole, Anne Carson—to create a kaleidoscopic view of weather, all headed towards an inexorable climax: “The air is filled with foam and spray / Devastation.” Beaufort Scales is a cautionary tale in the era of climate change.

For more information on the project go to https://www.loreleiensemble.com/cerrone.