electronic work/sound installation


20 minutes

Commissioned by/Premiere

Pink Pamphlet Recordings


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“Christopher Cerrone’s ‘Five Days’ is a melancholic exploration of every day sounds (where sometimes musical instruments are treated as ‘found’ sounds). At times ambient, other times insistent, the record forms an arc of snapshots, a suspended, static document of five days in the composer’s life in the studio.”
—Adrian Knight, Pink Pamphlet Recordings

Five Days is the result of spurts of intense creativity that I had while working on my opera Invisible Cities. Composing a long dramatic work for several years led me to the desire to create works of spontaneity; hence the title. Each of these pieces was more or less conceived of, composed, and recorded in a day. (Of course, mixing, rewriting, and mastering took much longer). But for a composer who tends to mull over works for long periods of time, composing these brief electronic pieces was both liberating and, in many ways, a breakthrough.