This is such a unique project! Thrilled to have had my work adapted as a podcast by Patrick Eakin Young as part of Soundworlds. Beautiful words by my collaborator Stephanie Fleischmann and flooting by Tim Munro. Liminal Highway was originally commissioned by Miller Theatre at Columbia University and New Music USA. The podcast episode is also available on Spotify or your favorite podcast app.

For more information about the project, visit and read their description below:

Constructed from multi-tracked flutes that shimmer and pulse, Christopher Cerrone’s 2020 album is reimagined as a luminous urban soundscape in which a dreamlike narrative unfurls.

An unnamed narrator pursues a mysterious woman through rain-drenched squares and labyrinthine alleys, all the while pondering their uncanny resemblance. Librettist Stephanie Fleischmann provides the text, which elicits a propulsive thread of intrigue from the music, with new sound design and flautist Tim Munro’s performance rendering each glittering pavement and rain-dappled window in sparkling audio HD.

After Weeks of Rain is an adaptation of Christopher Cerrone’s Liminal Highway, written for Tim Munro in 2015 and recorded in 2020. Stream/purchase the album here.